Local eating champs add Miss America for round 3 fundraiser

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Sports fans, there are still no sports to watch because of COVID-19.

But you know what we have instead? Former Hogs Nick Brewer and Grant Cook’s adventures in philanthropic eating on Instagram live.

The two former lineman have been eating their way through the city recently, and raising nearly $34,000 to help out local hospitality and hospital workers during the pandemic.

Brewer raised $14,000 eating a bunch of burgers and fries in their first round, and he and Cook raised $20,000 in their second round challenge taking down an impressive amount of Sassy’s Red House a couple weeks ago while former Hog and current Detroit Lion Frank Ragnow made fun of them.

For their next act, Brewer and Cook will be eating 10 of their favorite dishes from 10 of our favorite Fayetteville restaurants at 7 p.m. on Friday, May 1 via Instagram Live with commentary from Miss America 2017 and Fayetteville resident, Savvy Shields Wolfe.

Brewer will be collecting donations via Venmo (@ngbrew62), and distributing the money raised to help Leverett Lounge’s Feed the Heard initiative, Fayetteville Independent Restaurant Association’s fund to help laid off hospitality workers, purchasing gift cards from the participating restaurants to donate, and to provide random large cash tips to restaurant employees working through the pandemic.

For a bit more information, check out Brewer’s Facebook page.

To watch the livestream on Friday, add @ngbrew62 on Instagram.