Fayetteville police urging locals to remember to lock their cars

Graphic: Fayetteville Police Department

Fayetteville police have been urging locals to lock their cars and put away their valuables in a series of social media posts after a rash of car break-ins around the city this month.

Police have been posting the reminders each evening on their Facebook page.

According to Sgt. Anthony Murphy with the department, there has been an uptick in care break ins in Fayetteville in the past month recently, which has led to the reminder campaign.

Murphy said that more often than not, the car breaking and entering instances the department typically sees aren’t actually break-ins at all.

“It is rare to have an actual break-in,” Murphy said. “99% of the time it is because the victim left their vehicle unlocked and offered the criminal a crime of opportunity. The suspects will walk down a street and check every car door, if it is locked they just keep walking.”

The reminder posts have urged residents to lock their cars, light their driveways, hide or remove their valuables, and to report all criminal and suspicious behavior immediately.

To make a report, contact the non-emergency line at 479-587-3555.