‘Indie Films India’ to be available for free online from Walton Arts Center

Dreams / Courtesy image

The films from Walton Arts Center’s Indie Films India will be available to watch online for free next week.

The five films, which would have been screened as part of Walton Arts Center’s Mosaix Festival last month, instead will be available for streaming for free online beginning at noon on May 11 via a link available to folks who preregister online.

The films include Dreams (9:39), directed by Athithya Kanagarajan; Rushnai (14:15), directed by Pramati Anand; Jwalant (9:50), directed by Kirti Singh; Valu (Sand) (12:00), directed by Vikram Aggarwal; and Our Share of the Sky (13:00) directed by Priya Naresh.

The films are free, and will be available via a viewing link that will be active from noon on Monday, May 11 until noon on Wednesday, May 13. Preregistration is available at waltonartscenter.org.

The films are being presented in collaboration with Fayetteville Film Festival.

For more information about the five films available to stream next week, check out the descriptions below courtesy of Walton Arts Center.

Indie Films India Films

Dreams (9:39)
Directed by Athithya Kanagarajan
A paperboy wants to invite Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, an aerospace scientist who served as the 11th president of India, to his school event. Kalam Sir accepts the invitation, and what happens next is the rest of the short film.
Family-oriented content

RUSHNAI (14:15)
Directed by Pramati Anand
A nostalgic ink-maker struggles to let go of his age-old shop to the changing times while his son struggles to hold on to his fascination with the past. Finally, both are forced to accept change in the wake of a new age.
Family-oriented content

JWALANT (9:50)
Directed by Kirti Singh
In a rural part of the western state of Uttar Pradesh in India, a family plans to kill their daughter-in-law because she cannot give birth to a son, unaware of the fact that there is a witness to their deeds.
General audience content

Valu (Sand) (12:00)
Directed by Vikram Aggarwal
A farmer discovers that his bore-well has dried up. While walking home with his little daughter, he comes face to face with a group of people stealing sand from the riverbank. He realizes that rampant illegal sand mining is destroying their river and is responsible for the depletion of groundwater in his village. He goes to the district collector for help, but his complaint is only dealt with casually. Determined to gather evidence against the sand-mafia, he decides to take matters in his own hands.
General audience content

Our Share of the Sky (13:00)
Directed by Priya Naresh
On a winter night, two men encounter their sleepless thoughts. Familiar fears kindle new words on their faces. The film follows them as they talk, between the noise living in buildings and the silence of the sky.
General audience content