‘Crochetitville’ installation covering Maxine’s Tap Room to come down Sunday

Staff photo

If you’re one of the 12 people in Fayetteville who haven’t taken a selfie in front of the ‘Crochetitville’ installation covering Maxine’s Tap Room right now, time is running out.

According to a Facebook post by artist Gina Gallina Duling, the installation is set to come down on Sunday, May 10.

Duling and a host of other local fiber artists created the installation to help celebrate Maxine’s Tap Room’s 70th anniversary, and to commemorate National Crochet Month in March.

The installation went up on Leap Day, Feb. 29, and included colorful panels created by about 15 artists that worked for nearly four months to cover most of the building of the beloved Block Avenue Bar.

Other crocheters that participated in the #Crochetitville project include Gary Burke, Mary Martin Cochran, Connie Evans, Donna Farar, Sam G. Faulkner, Pam Greenway, Vicki Hardcastle, Amber West Higgins, Sheila Kuonen, Kelli Coe Ladwig, Karen Rocket McFadden, Tina Oppenheimer, Susan Reed, Louise Regan, Jan Roberts, Jane Tucker, Cherie Wagner, and Alyssa Zimmerman.

For more info about the project, check out our interview with Duling we published back in March.