It’s time to update our ‘Most missed restaurants in the history of Fayetteville’ list

Brenda’s Bigger Burger is sure to make the list of the most missed restaurants in the history of Fayetteville

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Some people are cleaning out their garage. Others are organizing their closets and matching their Tupperware lids.

It seems like everyone is knocking out some spring cleaning or housekeeping projects as a result of COVID-19, and in light of all that, we thought it’s time for us to do the same.

It’s time for us to update one of the most popular posts we’ve ever made on the Flyer, our ‘Most missed restaurants in the history of Fayetteville‘ list we published back in July of 2014.

There are several reasons for this, but the main one is that there has never been a better time to remind people of the local businesses we have lost, so that we remember to support the ones they currently love in what is certainly one of the most difficult times in history for restaurants to survive.

Since we posted the original list in 2014, unfortunately, there have been several other well-loved restaurants that have closed their doors for good. Off the top of our head, institutions like Jose’s on Dickson Street, Common Grounds, and Hog Haus are gone. Local favorites like Greenhouse Grille, Mr. Burger, ROTC/The Grill on 112, and AQ Chicken on College are obvious additions to the most-missed list.

I’m sure there are several others (at least one of y’all is going to mention Taco Bell Cantina.)

The last time we compiled the list, we made a single Facebook post asking for ideas, and the response was overwhelming. We pulled our list together from your suggestions, ranking the responses by the number of people who mentioned them in the comments of the original post.

We ended up with 112 restaurants on the original list, with Hoffbrau securing the most votes. Fuzzy’s, Coy’s Place, ROTC on Dickson, Muley’s, Jerry’s Restaurant, D-Lux, The Old Post Office, Goldie’s, and Brenda’s Bigger Burger rounded out the top ten the first time around.

Look over the original list to get some nostalgia going, and leave a comment below telling us what Fayetteville restaurants you miss the most so we can update our list, and remember to appreciate the local places we currently enjoy.