Fayetteville to test slow traffic program around Wilson Park

Photo: Todd Gill, Fayetteville Flyer

Fayetteville this week will launch a pilot program that aims to slow traffic and increase safety in the Wilson Park neighborhood.

The Slow Streets program begins Tuesday, May 26 and includes temporary signs placed on certain streets that discourage cut-through traffic in the area.

The streets include:

  • Trenton Boulevard, between North College Avenue and Park Avenue
  • Park Avenue, between Trenton Boulevard and Prospect Street
  • Prospect Street, between Park Avenue and Wilson Avenue


From the city:

“Slow streets” prioritize people walking and riding bicycles in the streets by discouraging unnecessary vehicle traffic. At least 50 cities across the country have implemented some version of “slow streets” in response to COVID-19 and social distancing guidelines. These efforts help to increase safe spaces for recreation in residential areas.

Officials said vehicle access for neighborhood residents and their guests, park visitors, service providers and emergency responders will not be impeded by the temporary treatment.

City staff have notified area residents about the changes, according to a news release.

The program is scheduled to be in effect 24 hours a day for about 12 weeks.

Residents who’d like to test the Slow Streets treatment in their neighborhood are encouraged to check out the city’s Tactical Urbanism program. For more information, call 479-575-8243.