Drive-in dance party set for Saturday

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Fayetteville’s leading dance party expert is back, doing what he does best.

Fayetteville television personality, podcast host, DJ, pinball bar owner, boom-operator, and thrower-of-killer-Halloween-and-New-Years-Eve-parties Bo Counts is planning a new, socially-distanced dancing event this weekend.

The event, called Drive-in Dance Party, is set for this Saturday, June 6 in the large parking lot behind Pinpoint (23 Block Ave.).

So how does it work? Think drive-in movie, but replace the film with killer jams and a light show. Counts, a.k.a. DJ Beat Bachs, will be curating the playlist of dance tunes, and broadcasting via radio frequency 89.7 FM. Attendees can drive in, park in a spot in the lot, and “do that car seat jam that we all catch you doing at the stoplight.”

For those who aren’t familiar, Counts is well known locally for throwing large events like his annual Halloween Dance Party and Blue Masquerade New Year’s Eve in Fayetteville. He is also the owner of Pinpoint, a pinball bar on Block Avenue that has been closed for months due to COVID-19.

Local private suite karaoke establishment, Big Box Karaoke, will be delivering food in the form of a “Beato Box” special to attendees for just $10 during the event, but it is otherwise free to attend.

Donations to help support Pinpoint and local DJs who have been out of work during the pandemic are encouraged, however.

For a bit more information, check out the Facebook event.