AD: SpoonMoon fitness studio to open June 15 in Fayetteville

Kim Evans, founder of Spoon Moon

SpoonMoon, a new fitness studio offering a variety of wellness programming, is opening June 15 at 2907 E. Joyce Boulevard, Suite 8.

SpoonMoon unites the power of the physical body to move with the energetic magnetism of the soul, guiding guests to attain pure alchemy within. We are fitness professionals, nutrition experts and spirit guides offering a variety of wellness programming, including HIGH TIDE |high intensity| and LOW TIDE |low intensity| fitness classes, such as cycle, TRX, HIIT, yoga, and meditation. Reiki, nutritional therapy, massage, infrared sauna and other treatments are also available within our aura. SpoonMoon intentionally plans events to coincide with moon cycles and cosmic happenings to ride the wave of energy our planets take us on. We are a collective of spiritually charged individuals ready to manifest magic in our dreams + yours.

SPOONS are how we measure our energy stores and our overarching goal is to lead you to the most efficient usage for you. We use our SPOONS |energy blocks| in conscious ways conserving them until necessary, never to full depletion.

We want our guests to attain the best version of themselves in alignment with their true selves. Through careful, thoughtful classes and programming we hope to offer the tools to stay in sync with your truth or your journey to seek it. We want all people to find this as a welcoming, judgement free environment to grow at your own pace.

We recognize that each path is different and strive to cheer with you along the way!

SpoonMoon was born out of a desire to unite our Founder + Chief Alchemist’s, Kim Evans’, passions // Fitness + Wellness. She saw the space and need to marry physical movement for the body and preventative well care for the soul. SpoonMoon is more than a challenging workout; it provides a safe haven to explore wellness offerings that may feel unfamiliar. Kim Evans’ extensive sixteen year background in fitness, nutrition, and research create a well rounded approach to healing from the inside out.

A variety of subscription options are available. To sign up, visit

Learn more about Kim, and her journey that led her to open Spoon Moon in Fayetteville.

1. How long have you been in the fitness industry?
I have been in the fitness industry for 16 years and studying wellness for  11 years.  I hold certifications in roughly 12 modalities, including pre & post natal care.  I am Reiki trained and our family has a pasture raised poultry business, which is where the nutritional interest stems from.  All 16 years have been in Northwest Arkansas so I’ve made lots of friends through the years!  

2. What do you love the most about it?
The movement is not actually what I love the most about the fitness industry.  It’s the deep, personal connection that forms between people while they are moving that is the best.  I am trusted with illnesses, pregnancies, + relationships often before others.  It’s a sharing that I never take for granted and feel truly grateful to have secured that with others.  SpoonMoon will offer a challenging workout, but the community that forms here will top any workout we can offer.  It is a bond.  

3. What inspired you to start Spoon Moon?
I was involved in a tragic accident with my son in 2017.  While processing the events that unfolded, I began to understand that I was was potentially here to be doing something bigger.  We had the poultry business, so I had never considered doing anything on my own because that kept us busy. But as I dove into some deep personal discovery work, I found that my passion of  fitness & wellness was really difficult to find together.  Aligning physical and energetic offerings result in alchemy of the body + soul; this is when real change happens.  Therefore SpoonMoon was born.  

4. What is your vision for the business and your clients?
SpoonMoon will be a collective of all people that begin with the common goal, whether it be fitness or wellness, and find it safe to be curious about unfamiliar practices.  It may be essential oils, it might be HIIT training, infrared sauna use, or meditation.  When we allow ourself the space to learn + explore so much can happen!  I envision a light, airy environment with lots of laughing, patience, and strength.   Beginning a new fitness routine can be scary and we can alleviate some of the fear by closely working with guests and their needs.  Connection is a priority for SpoonMoon.  

5. What is the most rewarding part of your job/business?
Oh wow, the guests of course!  New friendships, goals attained, babies born, whole health reached.  Every bit of it is a perk that can’t be matched!

6. What goals do you have for your business?
The fitness business is not the easiest.  I’ve instructed in 10 different facilities and only 5 are still open today.  I would never assume I have it all figured out, but I have seen a lot and I’m hopeful that it’s all led me to this moment.  I know that SpoonMoon is for the community, so we’ll change with the trends to stay current and listen to what our guests desire.  We’ll stay true to what we do well, change what doesn’t, and practice an abundance mindset.  SpoonMoon has been planned for longevity and possibly multiple locations in the future.  

About Kim Evans
Kim Evans has been in the business of fostering healthy bodies for 16 years in Northwest Arkansas. Beginning as a Pilates instructor, she quickly expanded her list of certifications held and took a deep dive into the world of food researching holistic health for the body. She approaches whole body wellness through a combination of innovative nutrition, intentional fitness, and personal betterment; all resulting in the alchemy of body + soul.

Today, Kim is in the process of unveiling a new project, named SpoonMoon, to marry the need for physical movement for the body and preventative well care for the soul. She has used her expertise to create a space of fitness classes and wellness offerings for whole body alignment. SpoonMoon will house high + low intensity workouts, along with a strong foundation in meditation. Because of Kim’s passion for local businesses {her and her husband also have a local pasture raised poultry company}, she and SpoonMoon will be partnering with like- minded, supportive companies to promote wellness for all.

After giving birth to her third child she experienced hormonal chaos, as many women do. Kim took the reins of her health into her own hands and was able to slowly bring her hormone levels back within normal levels. This was attained through completely changing her typical workouts, altering her lifestyle, and eastern based therapies. Kim had been using herbal medicine, essential oils, and homeopathy for years prior, but these were key components as well. Kim supports the mindset that the body strives to always heal itself, but we have to give it the proper care to do so.

Kim believes in listening, connecting, and building a community to support one another. The support that is desired can look different day to day, but that’s how a collective works; we all bring our assets to the table and lift one another up. Kim and her husband, Blake, have three children + two dogs to keep them very busy when they’re not out hustling good health.

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