Weekend Flyer: Fireworks shows, Spaceberry, and the drive-in

Arkansauce is playing Spaceberry this weekend.

It’s a holiday weekend during a pandemic, so, we’re going to keep this short and sweet this week.

There are a handful of fireworks shows happening around the region. Most of them have social-distancing measures in place for safety. Here’s our full list.

There’s a drive-in music festival at The Farm in Eureka Springs this weekend, July 3-4. Spaceberry is hosting a spaced-out event, with a host of safety measures in place. The lineup includes Forgotten Space, Arkansauce, Opal Agafia, Trymore Mojo, Friends of the Phamily, and Acid Katz. Here’s more info.

If you feel like a movie, the Drive-in is open this weekend. They’ll be showing The Jungle Book and Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Here’s more.

You could buy a pack of sparklers. Blow up a couple of your brother’s GI Joe’s. Snap and pops. Grill a hot dog or two. Eat a burger. Make some chips and dips. Homemade ice cream?

As always, feel free to fill us in on anything we’ve missed in the comments below. Hang in there y’all.