AD: Fayetteville based Namida Lab offering antibody testing

Fayetteville based Namida Lab is now offering antibody tests for $99. Health care workers, first responders, and educators receive discounted pricing of $69 per test. Testing is super simple – go to their website, pay for a test, walk into Heartland Pharmacy (off Zion Road) Monday or Wednesday 9-1 or Tuesday 2-6. Show your confirmation email and their healthcare professional will draw 3 ml of blood (less than one teaspoon). Your results will be mailed to you in a couple of days. 

Dickson Street Clinic, located behind Colliers pharmacy, is also offering Namida Lab’s antibody test. Individuals will need to call them directly to schedule an appointment.

What is antibody testing?
An antibody test does not diagnose an active COVID-19 infection like a PCR ‘swab’ test. It verifies whether you’ve been infected with the virus in the past (even if you were asymptomatic) and whether your body has developed antibodies against the virus. Together, the PCR test and the antibody test can provide the fullest picture of your current standing and history with the virus. 

Who is Namida Lab?
Namida is a biotech lab that is changing the world one tear at a time. Before the pandemic, the team at Namida developed Melody®, a screening test that can detect breast cancer using proteins found in tears. They were weeks away from launching Melody® when COVID-19 hit, forcing the company to delay their product launch. They decided to switch gears, and within a matter of weeks, the team retooled their lab’s high capacity robot to run antibody tests instead, providing Northwest Arkansas residents with a local option that’s more affordable than the large national labs. 

The data shows that Namida Lab’s COVID-19 antibody test is 97% sensitivity (true positive rate) and 100% specificity (true negative rate). Their CLIA certified lab can run up to 2,000 samples a day.  

Aren’t you kind of curious to know if you have the antibody? Check out their website,, to learn more and purchase your test. 

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