Fayetteville adds cleanup stations on Razorback Greenway

Photo: Todd Gill, Fayetteville Flyer

Keeping the trails clean just got a little easier in Fayetteville.

The city, with the support of the Washington County Extension Office, has installed five cleanup stations along the Razorback Greenway in hopes that people will volunteer to pick up litter when using the trails.

Each station contains a two-sided kiosk with a recycling can, a trash can and recycled grocery sacks. The kiosks include instructions on how to collect litter and help users identify which litter items are recyclable and which ones are landfill materials. The signs also explain the impact of litter on the environment and area waterways, and how small, individual actions can go a long way toward resource conservation.

The stations are placed at approximately one-mile increments and can be found at five locations where the greenway intersects Tsa La Gi Trail, North Street, Poplar Street, Gordon Long Park and Mud Creek Trail.

Volunteers are asked to take two bags from a dispenser, and then collect trash and recyclables as they continue along the trail. The bags can then be disposed at the next station.