Bear spotted on the loose near downtown Fayetteville

Photo: Courtesy, Fayetteville Police Department


With news that a bear has been spotted on the loose near downtown Fayetteville on Wednesday morning, we’ve officially filled five spaces in a row on our 2020 bingo cards, and we’d like to claim our prize now.

The black bear cub, captured on camera on S. Church Avenue by local resident Rebekah Champagne, has also been spotted at various other locations around downtown including near Fayetteville Public Library, along the Razorback Greenway, and at West Avenue and Spring street next to Backspace.

Fayetteville police temporarily had the animal corralled, but it escaped and is still at large, they said.

Police are urging residents not to approach the animal, and to call 479-587-3555 for assistance if you see it roaming around.

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Screen capture / Video by Rebekah Champagne

Photo: Fayetteville Police Department