A man with a rifle was shot in the leg after ‘advancing’ on a Fayetteville police officer

UPDATE: The officers and suspect were later identified and a portion of one officer’s body cam footage was released.

A police officer shot a man in the leg on Monday during a brief altercation in southeast Fayetteville, according to a department statement.

Officers responded to a suicide threat at about 7 p.m. Monday on South Splash Drive. The officers said when no one answered the front door they walked around the side of the home and saw a man holding a rifle.

The man pointed the rifle at one officer’s head, and when the officer attempted to run to cover he stumbled and fell to the ground, according to the statement. A second officer said he witnessed the man advancing on the officer with the rifle, so the officer shot the man once in the leg.

The officers immediately rendered aid to the man who was later transported to Washington Regional Medical Center. Police said the wound to the man is not expected to be life threatening, and there were no injuries to the officers.

The department plans to conduct an internal investigation of the incident while the Washington County Sheriff’s Office conducts a criminal investigation.

“These are the details as we know them at this time, and we will keep you updated on information as it becomes available,” officials stated.