Holly Hertzberg seeks Fayetteville City Council seat in Ward 4

Holly Hertzberg / Courtesy photo

A local occupational therapist says now is the time for her generation to step up and provide leadership.

Holly Hertzberg, 25, hopes to take the Ward 4, Position 2 seat currently held by Kyle Smith, who is running for election to keep his seat for the next four years. She’ll also face challengers Adam Fire Cat and Paul Waddell.

Hertzberg said she believes that through common sense, non-ideological, creative problem solving the council can work together to better the lives of everyone in Fayetteville, especially those who are the least fortunate.

“I believe in ‘one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all,'” she said. “Those timeless words from our Pledge of Allegiance are so appropriate for our times. We can come together in 2020, right and left, Democrat and Republican, all races and creeds.”

Having someone with a healthcare background will improve the council, she said.

“We must keep people safe during COVID-19, and better our parks for children with disabilities,” Hertzberg said.

She’s recently become passionate about supporting the Fayetteville Police Department and said the council made a mistake when voting to deny grant funds for two new school resource officers for Fayetteville Public Schools.

Ward 4 contains a large portion of west Fayetteville, including Razorback Stadium, Holt Middle School, Holcomb Elementary School, and the Boys & Girls Club of Fayetteville.

The election is scheduled for Tuesday, Nov. 3.

Profile: Dr. Holly Hertzberg

Position sought: Ward 4, Position 2
Age: 25
Residency: 15 total years in Fayetteville
Employment: Occupational therapist working as an independent contractor
Education: Arkansas State University – Bachelor of Science in Psychology, Doctorate in Occupational Therapy
Political Experience: No previous candidacy or positions


Meet the Candidates

The following candidates are running for election this year. All candidates were sent a request for more information about their candidacy. Responses are posted in the order they’re received.


Mayor Lioneld Jordan
William Harrison
Ron Baucom (not received)
Tom Terminella (not received)

Ward 1

D’Andre Jones
Tanner Pettigrew
Oroo Oyioka
Pedro Fimbres (not received)

Ward 2

William Chesser
Council Member Matthew Petty

Ward 3

Peter Tonnessen
Council Member Sarah Bunch

Ward 4

Adam Fire Cat
Holly Hertzberg
Paul Waddell
Council Member Kyle Smith

What made you decide to seek election to the council? Is it something you’ve been considering for a while?

I believe it would be beneficial for someone with a healthcare background to be on the City Council to advocate for better health outcomes for all our citizens and provide perspective into the health impacts of certain policies and plans. In addition, due to recent events, I have become passionate in support of our Fayetteville Police Department who risk their lives daily in support of our community.

Is there anything in particular that drove you to reside in Ward 4? How would you describe that part of town?

Every part of Fayetteville has a unique contribution to the mosaic that makes our community one of the best places to live in the country. Ward 4 in particular, is an area of growth and development with many opportunities for first-time home buyers to begin their lives as homeowners. Nevertheless, the areas of retained pastureland gives a country-like feel which makes this ward very unique to Fayetteville.

Which recent council decision(s) do you agree or disagree with?

I believe the council errored by effectively declining the federal grant which would have provided funding for additional school resource officers. I believe the council should have better represented the wishes of the superintendent of schools and the entire school board who unanimously believe that school resource officers are beneficial to the Fayetteville public school system. We trust these individuals to make the absolute best decisions for the educational environment for our students and they are unequivocal in their support of school resource officers.