AD: ‘Nick Cave: Until’ at the Momentary is a Must-See Art Exhibition

Nick Cave: Until.

Photo: Courtesy MASS MoCA

There is something spectacular happening in the galleries at the Momentary in Bentonville, Arkansas. Nick Cave: Until, the largest and most ambitious project yet from the renowned Chicago-based artist, has taken over every inch of the 24,000-sf gallery space with colorful wind spinners, netted walls of pony beads, and a massive crystal cloudscape that houses a private garden of found objects.

Visitors to the exhibition will become immersed in Cave’s sculptural landscape, walking a path through thousands of wind spinners and climbing ladders (or walking up to the Momentary’s mezzanine level) to gaze at a garden made up of ceramic birds, fruit, animals, cast-iron lawn jockeys, and more.

Among the colors and objects, however, Nick Cave: Until is a response to the question: Is there racism in heaven? The title Until references the phrase “innocent until proven guilty,” or, a reversal, “guilty until proven innocent,” addressing issues of gun violence, gun control policy, race relations, and gender politics in America. More than anything, this exhibition provides a space for visitors to contemplate these subjects, and to consider what the future may look like.

Admission to Nick Cave: Until is free for all.

Open September 12, 2020 to January 3, 2021.

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