Fayetteville police officers Eucce and Floyd chosen for national award

Officer Natalie Eucce and Cpl. Seay Floyd

The two Fayetteville police officers that shot the gunman who killed Officer Stephen Carr have been awarded the Attorney General’s Award for Distinguished Service in Policing, the department announced Wednesday.

Officer Natalie Eucce and Cpl. Seay Floyd were inside the Fayetteville police station on Dec. 7 when they heard several gunshots coming from the parking lot outside. Cpl. Floyd looked out of a door and saw London Phillips firing multiple shots at Officers Carr’s vehicle.

As Cpl. Floyd came out of the door, Phillips saw him, loaded another magazine into his gun, and ran west. Floyd then fired multiple shots at Phillips.

Shortly afterwards, Officer Eucce and Sgt. James Jennings cam out of another door to the east. As Eucce passed by Carr’s patrol vehicle, she saw that he had been shot. She sent an “officer down” call out over the radio, which Cpl. Floyd heard. Eucce and Jennings were directed west by an off-duty officer who had witness most of the shooting.

Jennings arrived to where Floyd was searching for Phillips, and was followed by Eucce. As Floyd passed the west side of the alley between the police station and the city prosecutor’s office, he saw Phillips in a crouched position moving toward Eucce. Floyd called out to the other officers, and Eucce noticed that Phillips was holding a black handgun, which he pointed at her. Believing that Phillips was about to shoot her, Eucce fired multiple shots at him. Floyd also fired numerous shots at Phillips, who later died at the scene.

Eucce and Floyd were later cleared in their actions by Prosecuting Attorney Matt Durrett.

“Officer Eucce and Corporal Floyd both exemplify what we see in officers throughout Arkansas: dedication, bravery, and excellence in policing,” said First Assistant United States Attorney David Clay Fowlkes. “The bravery and sound tactics that Officer Eucce and Corporal Floyd showed in the face of terrible danger and tragedy is remarkable. They are both certainly very deserving of this recognition. We are fortunate to have such courageous, selfless, and well-trained officers keeping our communities safe.”

The Attorney General’s Award recognizes officers for exceptional efforts in criminal investigations, field operations or innovations in community policing. This year, the Justice Department received 214 nominations recognizing a total of 355 individual officers, deputies, and troopers across 39 states.

“There is no career nobler than that of a police officer, and the 23 officers we honor this year demonstrate that clearly,” said Attorney General William P. Barr. “Their actions are a testament to what law enforcement officers contribute to our nation each day, keeping us safe from violent crime and building more trusting communities, and they are deserving of our collective thanks.”