UA, KUAF launch ‘RefleXions’ music podcast


The University of Arkansas Department of Music and KUAF have teamed up for a new music podcast.

The new project launched with its first episode last month featuring an interview with Sing for Hope cofounders Monica Yunus and Camille Zamora.

The podcast is an accompaniment to the RefleXions Music Series, which is organized by University of Arkansas students and faculty. The project will asl explores themes of creative justice and diversity.

It is co-hosted by Ozarks at Large producer Antoinette Grajeda and Lia Uribe, associate chair and associate professor of music at the University of Arkansas department of music and director of the RefleXions Music Series.

“In each episode, we’ll have conversations with our guest artists that expand beyond their music and careers,” Grajeda said of the new podcast. “We’ll explore the way they use their art to connect, inspire, reflect and advocate for social justice and diversity.”

In addition to the podcast, RefleXions has hosted panel discussions and other events. The idea is to create a conversation with the audience.

“The podcast has opened the possibility of a full-circle dialogue with our communities in Northwest Arkansas,” says Lia Uribe, podcast co-host and “After the release of our first episode on KUAF 91.3 on Nov. 17 during Ozarks at Large, our listeners will have the opportunity to get back to us with their own reflections.

“We believe that art doesn’t stop with artists: we need communities, audiences, art advocates, art administrators and leaders, all together disrupting traditional structures and promoting transforming experiences for all,” Uribe said.

Podcast listeners are encouraged contact [email protected] or leave a message on the website with their reflections, feedback and ideas for the podcast.

The podcast is available at, as well as other popular podcast platforms.