Bartleby’s Seitan Stand, Ozark Mountain Bagels coming to the Yacht Club

Staff photo

The weather is getting warmer, and some new options for dining al fresco will be opening soon at the Yacht Club.

According to The Yacht Club owner Russell Ingram, locals Bartleby’s Seitan Stand and Ozark Mountain Bagel Co. will soon be setting up shop at his mobile food court, located at 617 N. College Avenue.

Bartleby’s is a food truck focusing on vegan and vegetarian items, including their seitan nuggets and cutlets, sandwiches, and more. The company also recently began selling their nuggets and cutlets at Ozark Natural Foods in Fayetteville.

Ozark Mountain Bagel Co. got started in Bentonville, and the new truck at the Yacht Club will serve as their first foray into Fayetteville. The restaurant, as the name suggests, serves bagels of all flavors as well as sandwiches for breakfast and lunch.

Ingram said both restaurants plan to be up and running at the mobile food truck park by early next month.