Website tracks available COVID-19 vaccine appointments in Arkansas

Photo: VCU Capital News Service, C.C. 2.0

For those eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine in Arkansas, finding an available appointment in Fayetteville has been a challenge for some.

There isn’t a centralized database in the state, mass vaccination clinics are just getting started, and the wait list at local pharmacies appear to be lengthy at the moment.

That’s not the case in every area of the state, however. If you were willing to drive an hour south to Ozark, for example, or east to Harrison, you might be able to get an appointment today.

A new website is attempting to address this issue of connecting those eligible to be vaccinated with available appointments.

The site is called, and is set up to scan several large retail pharmacy websites to find available COVID-19 vaccine appointments where they are listed online.

The Arkansas version of the site, from the looks of it, is primarily working best with Walmart’s website, as CVS, Sam’s Club, and others don’t appear to be pulling data.

But the site is finding available appointments around the state, some as soon as this week if you’re willing to travel. The site also lists direct links to the vaccinating pharmacies where a user can go ahead and make their appointment.

Walmart pharmacies are vaccinating locally, but we aren’t seeing any of the local locations with available appointments this week. is also tracking vaccine availability in most other states.

Arkansas is currently vaccinating the 1-B priority group, which includes individuals over 65 years of age, food manufacturing workers, and workers in education, including higher ed, K-12, and daycare. Healthcare workers in the 1-A group are also still eligible for the shot.

Local pharmacies, including Collier Drug, Medical Arts Pharmacy, and Heartland Pharmacy in Fayetteville will vaccinate those in the 65 and older group, and some education workers. Others will be vaccinated through mass clinics organized by their employers.

Here are links/info for the waiting lists for pharmacies in Washington County for the 1-A and early 1-B group:
» Collier Drug Stores – Visit this website
» Medical Arts Pharmacy – Visit this website
» Community Pharmacy – Visit this website
» Heartland Pharmacy – Visit this website
» Walmart / Sam’s Club Pharmacy

A list of other pharmacies around the state vaccinating right now is available here. appears to just be a citizen-led effort. For more information about the site, email the creator at [email protected].