SoNA to debut new multimedia production April 2

Image: Courtesy, SoNA

The Symphony of Northwest Arkansas (SoNA) will continue their reimagined season with a new digital performance next month.

SoNA will premier a multimedia production of Petite Symphonie, featuring work by French visual artist Roman Erkiletlian captured by local videographer Darren Crisp.

The new production will highlight the composer’s beloved city of Paris, with renderings of Parisian landscapes created by Erkiletlian. SoNA will feature nine wind players recorded green screen at Crisp Recording Studio in Fayetteville, with Crisp combining the filmed performances with the visuals provided by Erkiletlian.

SoNA’s performance of Petite Symphonie features SoNA wind musicians Kristen Salinas (Flute), Theresa Delaplain (Oboe I), Kristin Weber (Oboe II), Richard Bobo (Bassoon I), Kay Brusca (Bassoon II), Bruce Schultz (Horn I), Jason Hofmeister (Horn II), Orlando Scalia (Clarinet II), and Trevor Stewart (Clarinet I).

“With this multimedia production, we wanted to present a truly contemporary interpretation of the Petite Symphonie,” SoNA Music Director Paul Haas said. “At a time when all of us are feeling trapped and dislocated, we wanted to create an environment where the audience can enter into a space free from all constraints, physical or temporal.

“Romain and I have been friends and colleagues for about 15 years, and I knew that he, of all the artists I know, was the right choice for this project,” Haas added. “What he has created is truly liberating, bringing us halfway around the world and traversing over a century of time. I’m honored to collaborate with him and share his creativity with our audiences.”

The new video is set to be released at 6:30 p.m. on Friday, April 2. It will be free to view on SoNA’s Facebook page, Youtube Channel, and at