Finalists for Cultural Arts Corridor names revealed, final voting underway


Names have been submitted, finalists have been selected, and community voting is underway to name the new arts corridor in downtown Fayetteville.

The five names in contention include The Ramble, Tanglewood Corridor, The Revery, The Tangle, and Tanglewood Artery, according to the website for the project.

Descriptions and justifications for each of the five names is listed on the voting website as follows:

The Ramble
A full embrace of the journey, ramble sets out to breathe in its surroundings. Ramble is not in a hurry to get from point a to point b, but rather, open to possibility and defined as a “relaxed journey” or “short trip for pleasure.” the concept falls nicely in sync with the cadence of a walk or a bike ride, spontaneous conversation, forest bathing, outdoor installations and gathering spaces. There is also a strong vibe with this concept—undercurrents of southern folklore, front porch hospitality and storytelling.

Tanglewood Corridor
Using a natural landmark, tanglewood branch creek, maintains a strong sense of place. It pays tribute to the restored waterway that naturally connects the corridor footprint, and reinforces the city’s dedication to environmental stewardship. Leading with location for the entire space is direct and simple, putting more focus on the individual zones from a branding and storytelling perspective.

The Revery
The playground. The daydreams and the pleasure of being lost in thought. The revery is a respite in the heart of downtown—forest, creek, park, art. It’s also a source of inspiration, creativity and kinetic energy—people, food, movement, events. It’s the magic that happens when you are allowed to relax and discover.

The Tangle
An edgy spin on connection—the hive of energy created when art, nature and the endless possibility of community programming meet. The concept is a nod toward wabi-sabi, appreciating beauty that is “Imperfect, impermanent and incomplete” in nature. There is something beautifully organic about a tangle of ideas sparked, art created and experienced and an urban forest at the heart of a community. Getting lost in the right direction.

Tanglewood Artery
Evokes movement, energy and transformation. There is intention and life force with the concept of artery, channeling a continual flow of activity through the heart of fayetteville. The notion of renewal and growth reinforces our community’s “continued efforts to revitalize and invigorate downtown fayetteville with increased accessibility and inclusiveness.”

Submissions for names for the project were open last month, and ended on Feb. 28. After that, a panel of residents selected the finalists listed above.

The area defining the corridor follows the Razorback Greenway from Dickson Street to Prairie Street and is envisioned as a series of public open spaces connecting the Walton Arts Center, TheatreSquared, Nadine Baum Studios and the Fayetteville Public Library.

The project scope includes redeveloping the parking lot at Dickson Street and West Avenue into a civic plaza, with various streetscape enhancements, improvements to the trail system, and incorporation of the Fay Jones wood parkland west of the Fayetteville Public Library.

Locals can vote for their favorite of the five names at Voting is set to close on March 31, and the new name will be announced shortly after that date.

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Project phase map

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Design and construction timeline

The first phase of the project kicked off last fall when ground was broken on the Fay Jones woods portion of the corridor. The City Council last week approved the purchase of land for a parking deck needed to replace the West Avenue parking lot that’s soon to be redeveloped as part of the corridor project. Construction on the new deck could begin as soon as this spring.

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Concept images

Fay Jones woods upper picnic area / Courtesy

Fay Jones Woods elevated trail / Courtesy

Tanglewood Branch stairs / Courtesy

Civic plaza grove and trail / Courtesy

Civic plaza canal / Courtesy

Civic plaza terrace lawn / Courtesy