City issues reminder for safe use of trails

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With the spring season arriving and bringing warmer temperatures and longer daylight hours, the city’s trail system is seeing an uptick in the use of both paved and soft-surface trails.

Most of the city’s paved trails are designated as multi-use, which allow for walking, biking, running and skating, as well as use by ebikes and electric scooters. Most soft-surface trails are open to both hiking and biking, although some trails are designated as “Downhill Mountain Bike Trails” which are one-directional and for bike traffic only. Motorized vehicles are not permitted on our soft-surface trails.

Lee Farmer, the city’s recreation superintendent, said since trails use comes in many forms, it is important to follow these general etiquette and safety tips while on the trail system:

  • Be Respectful: Show respect to all user groups and to the environment around you.
  • Be Friendly: Every user on the trail is there to enjoy the outdoors. Expect to see other people around every corner. Give plenty of warning when you need to pass others.
  • Stay on the Trail: Narrow trails mean less environmental impact and happier plant and animal life.
  • Know your Role: Bikes should yield to foot traffic. Pet owners should clean up after their pets and keep pets leashed.
  • Move Aside: Move to the side of the trail when taking a break.
  • Be Alert: Keep your eyes and ears open, pay attention to your surroundings and others who may be approaching.
  • Know your Impact: Use soft-surface trails in dry conditions. If you are leaving prints (tire or foot), the trail is too wet to use. If a muddy spot is found, go through the middle, not around, to keep trails narrow.

Farmer said the general rule of thumb is to slow down, be kind, keep yourself and others safe, and remember that every trail user’s goal is to have a good experience when out on the trails.

For more information about the city’s multi-use and soft-surface trails, visit