Fayetteville Town Center to host COVID-19 vaccine clinic April 2

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The Fayetteville Board of Health, Experience Fayetteville, and Northwest Health will host a COVID-19 vaccine clinic on Friday, April 2 at Fayetteville Town Center.

The clinic will be open to anyone eligible for the vaccine in Arkansas, which currently includes individuals in the 1-A through 1-C priority group.

Northwest Health officials will be administering the Pfizer vaccine at the event, and the second dose will be given at the same location on April 23.

The clinic on Friday is scheduled to begin at 8 a.m. and there are appointments available until shortly after 3 p.m.

The Fayetteville Town Center is located at 15 W Mountain St on the Fayetteville square.

Sign ups for the clinic are available here.