UPDATED: Precautionary boil order issued for some residents in Goshen area

Photo: Scott Akerman, CC 2.0

UPDATE 05/03/21: This notice has been lifted. The affected water main has been repaired, water pressure has been restored, and an adequate disinfectant level has been established throughout the water distribution system, according to Mark Rogers, the city’s water & sewer operations manager. Rogers said a bacteriological survey was completed which indicates that the water is now safe to drink. Call 479-575-8386 with questions.

Fayetteville has issued a precautionary boil order for some water customers in the Goshen area due to the possibility that contaminated water may have entered the distribution system after a loss in pressure.

Officials said a water main break east of Wyman Road on Highway 45 caused the loss of pressure for more than four hours.

Customers affected are east of Wyman Road to the end of the Fayetteville water service area.

Map courtesy City of Fayetteville

As part of the order, all affected customers are advised that the water may be unsafe for human consumption, and water used for drinking or food preparation must be boiled briskly for one minute prior to use. All ice cubes should be discarded and only boiled water used for making ice.

The notice will be lifted by the Department of Health when two sets of four bacteriological samples indicate that the water is free of bacterial contamination and an adequate disinfectant level is established throughout the distribution system.

Water can still be used for bathing, cleaning and washing clothes, but not for consumption unless boiled.

Residents affected will be contacted once the notice is lifted by press release, email, and automated phone messages.

For questions, call the city’s water and sewer line at 479-575-8386.