New School students partner with local musicians for new videos

The folks from Austin Farnam’s music class at the New School are at it again.

The students lifted holiday spirits last December when they performed Donny Hathaway’s This Christmas in a video with vocals by Grammy-nominated associate professor of music at the UA, Dr. Jeffrey Murdock.

This time, the students have partnered with more local musicians to create 11 new music videos featuring covers performed in collaboration between the students and local artists.

The collaborations, posted to the school’s YouTube account as part of their 2021 music showcase, include students performing with staples from the local music scene, including Randall Shreve, Troy Farnam, Zoie Benton, Tom Bryant (Head East), and Earle Cate (The Cate Brothers).

Watch the students collab with Shreve above, or check out the whole series on YouTube.