New Movement at Mount Sequoyah dance performances set for May 29-30

A dance troupe that has been conducting an artist residency in Fayetteville this summer will perform on Mount Sequoyah this weekend.

The group, called BODYSONNET, have teamed with local composer Amos Cochran for a new, cross-disciplinary performance called New Movement at Mount Sequoyah that will be held at Vesper Point on the Mount Sequoyah campus at 7:30 p.m. on May 29 and 30.

From the description of the performance:

Over the course of the residency, the artists created I woke up on Skyline Drive, an interdisciplinary evening-length work developed through the personal histories of the people whose lives have been shaped by Mt. Sequoyah and the Ozarks. This work invites performers and audience members alike to consider collective memory, how we construct and recall memories, and how it can inform our relationship with ourselves, others, and the ground on which we live.

New Movement at Mt. Sequoyah is presented by Mt. Sequoyah, with support from Trillium Arts.

This project is funded by Artists 360, a program of Mid-America Arts Alliance with support from the Walton Family Foundation.

For a bit more information about BODYSONNET, visit their website.

Tickets to this weekend’s performances are available here.