Pedal Pubs arrive in Fayetteville, set to begin operation next week

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Fayetteville’s first ever party bikes have arrived in town.

Two of the bars-on-wheels, otherwise known as a Pedal Pubs, were delivered to The Dickson parking deck on Monday, and will soon be in operation.

The City Council earlier this year approved a certificate of public convenience and necessity to allow the business to begin operating in the city.

Amber Sinclair, the local Pedal Pub franchisee, told the council she plans to begin with two carriages, but the council approved a certificate to allow up to 10 carriages if needed.

A pedal carriage is a non-motorized bicycle-type vehicle with four or more wheels that’s used to transport passengers. The passengers typically provide the power needed to move the vehicle by pedaling, but an electric-assisted motor is sometimes used to help generate speed, especially in hilly areas.

The local law states that pedal carriages must be operated by a driver at least 21 years of age who is an employee of a company that has obtained a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity and a Pedal Carriage Drivers Permit from the police department. The ordinance also requires the permit holder to carry at least $1 million in general liability insurance for bodily injury and property damage. The rules also include numerous safety parameters, including required enhanced braking systems.

Because of their size, pedal carriages are not be allowed on sidewalks, trails or any closed streets.

The area of allowed operation extends north from Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard to North Street, and is bounded roughly from Mission Boulevard and College Avenue to the edges of the University of Arkansas campus. Two additional routes are also included to allow pedal carriage operators to access other areas of interest outside the downtown zone.

Sinclair said if all goes well, the pubs will be out on the roads for a soft launch next week, with an official opening date of June 25.

Pedal carriage operation area

Source: City of Fayetteville