Committee to discuss traffic calming options on East Oaks Drive

Staff photo

The City Council’s Transportation Committee this week will consider options for slowing traffic along East Oaks Drive in east Fayetteville.

The 0.6-mile street runs north from Mission Boulevard and then turns east to connect with Crossover Road. It has a speed limit of 25 mph. Neighbors say East Oaks is sometimes used as a cut-through route to avoid the signalized intersection at Mission and Crossover.

Complaints about speeding prompted city staff to provide residents with a petition for traffic calming and initiate a traffic study. The petition was submitted back to the city on May 28, and included representatives from 23 homes, which met the 60% required by city code to look into the issue.

A speed and volume study was conducted June 16-18 and found a mean speed of 27.1 mph and an 85th percentile speed of 32.1 mph, with an average volume of 1,585 vehicles per day. The data was used to determine that the traffic calming scoring matrix for East Oaks is 34.9 points, which is just shy of the 35-point minimum needed to qualify the street for traffic calming. However, because the study took place in the summer when traffic volumes are typically lower, staff said a seasonal adjustment could cause the road to meet the threshold.

The committee is scheduled to discuss the issue at its next regular meeting on Tuesday, June 29.