Ad: The newest listing from Flyer Homes raises a few questions about the logistics of genie magic

Photo courtesy Flyer Homes

The ONLY logical conclusion is that there is somehow a genie involved with the latest listing offered by Flyer Homes.

This house, in this location, quite simply could not have come to be without the help of the supernatural. Now don’t get me wrong. Do I believe that the owners, whilst traversing the Arabian Peninsula, stumbled across an enchanted oasis whereupon entering, the sandy earth gave way, swallowing them into an underground cavern where they discovered an ornate bronze pedestal beset with magnificent jewels atop of which was perched an ancient oil lamp, tarnished and aged by the ravages of millennia, and with a gentle rub brought forth an imposing and mischievous genie who granted them three wishes, two of which they burned immediately, one to get out of the cavern and the second trying to ask for infinite wishes, which you can’t do, before finally wishing 502 E. Prospect St. into existence? Well, maybe the pedestal was made out of pewter, but yeah, everything else sounds about right.

People of the world, feast your eyes on 502 E. Prospect St.

Address: 502 E Prospect St, Fayetteville, AR
Price: $525,000
Beds: 3
Baths: 2.5
Size: 1,824 SqFt
Built: 1993
Set up a showing: Call 479-601-5453
More info: Click here for listing

Now the owners will probably tell you that they bought the house in 2016 and then completely remodeled it using non-genie contractors, so we can humor them for the sake of this article. However it happened, it’s a whole new world for this house since it was built in 1993.

Of course, we’re open to other theories. We’ve ruled out witchcraft. It’s probably not leprechauns. David Blaine is more of an illusionist.

That pretty much only leaves genies, so the only questions we have at this point are mostly related to the logistics of genie magic.

For example, can you wish for an updated and beautifully landscaped exterior loaded with curb appeal and complete with a good size lot and a wrap-around, covered front porch plus a shady backyard with another small deck for grilling and chilling all in the same wish, or does that count as like, six?

How many wishes does it take to have a fully updated and contemporary kitchen with a gas range and stainless appliances that opens to a bright and airy dining area filled with natural light?

Was locating the house in the historic district within walking distance of fun restaurants like Sassy’s Red House, the Yacht Club food truck court, and Baba Boudans, plus cool shopping spots like Freckled Hen Farmhouse created through genie magic, or was that just a really fortuitous coincidence?

Can you really not wish for more wishes? We’d like to have that confirmed.

If we had a wish, it’d be that you’d call Jay Downing at 479-601-5453 and make an appointment to see this place yourself, because we feel almost certain you’ll love it.

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