Actor Martin Lawrence spotted filming in downtown Fayetteville Tuesday

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Update: A source working on the project told us the film is a thriller called Mindcage, starting Lawrence and John Malkovich.

Actor, comedian, producer, writer, and film star Martin Lawrence is in Fayetteville shooting a film project this week.

Reports surfaced yesterday that the actor was shooting in downtown Springdale on Monday, and we spotted him ourselves in downtown Fayetteville on Tuesday.

Crews this afternoon were setting up for a shot inside the parking deck next to The Dickson, and Lawrence was spotted near his trailer in the Walton Arts Center parking lot around that time.

We reached out to our contact with the Arkansas Cinema Society, and executive director Kathryn Tucker sent over a statement.

“Arkansas Cinema Society is ecstatic to hear that Martin Lawrence and John Malkovich are shooting a movie in Northwest Arkansas along with John Cusack and Emile Hersch making one down in Little Rock,” Tucker said. “Over the last few years, filmmakers have come to realize that Arkansas is a great state for production with our fantastic talent and crew. Hopefully the new tax credits passed by the legislature this Spring will bring more big names to the area in the future.”

A source working on the film told us the project is a feature, and crews will be be shooting downtown this week and next week “morning, afternoon, and night.”

It’s the second high-profile film project we’ve heard about shooting in Fayetteville this summer. Actors Justin Long and Kate Bosworth were in town earlier this summer working on an unnamed film project as well.

Lawrence’s IMDb profile does not list any current film projects for the actor. The next project on that page is Bad Boys 4, which according to the site, is currently in pre-production.

The actor is best known for his Bad Boys franchise, along with a host of other comedies including Big Mamma’s House, Blue Streak, numerous television projects, and more.

Has anyone spotted Martin or any other actors around Fayetteville the last couple weeks? We’ve heard several other rumors, but haven’t yet confirmed anything.

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