Fiesta Square parking lot redesign moving along

Photo: Todd Gill, Fayetteville Flyer

A plan to extend Rolling Hills Drive into the Fiesta Square parking lot continues to progress.

The City Council’s Transportation Committee are scheduled to get a closer look at the concepts for the project at their regular meeting on Tuesday.

The idea, which was first presented in June 2020, features an extension of Rolling Hills Drive into the Fiesta Square parking area where a roundabout will send traffic either west into the shopping center, south toward Appleby Road, or north toward Plainview Avenue.

Aside from providing access to Appleby which runs west to Gregg Avenue, drivers could also use Plainview Avenue to head north to Millsap Road.

Crafton Tull, City of Fayetteville / Click to enlarge

Initial ideas were presented in January, and after discussions with the owners of the shopping center, city planners have put together a more detailed concept that shows a complete rework of the parking lot, including proposed new buildings and paths for bikes and pedestrians.

Plainview currently dead ends just past Longview Street. The new road will head south towards Fiesta Square and will be designed to allow expansion lanes as the area develops. A future extension of Longview Street would provide more access to Wimberly Drive at the North Hills Medical Park.

Source: City of Fayetteville / Enlarge

City staff said design work is expected to be completed in early 2022 with construction wrapping by early 2023. The $3.5 million project is part of the transportation bond issue that voters approved in 2019.

A separate project currently being designed will completely overhaul Rolling Hills Drive from College Avenue to Old Missouri Road. That project, which is set for construction next year, is also part of the voter-approved bond program.