ALL Cross all-ages bike race series kicks off in Fayetteville

Courtesy photo

A four-city series of all-ages cyclocross bike races kicks off this weekend in Fayetteville.

ALL Cross, which features unique course and venues in all four of the region’s largest cities, will begin on Saturday, Nov. 13 at Centennial Park in Fayetteville.

Each event will feature short skills clinics followed by “micro-cross” races designed to accommodate all levels of riders from anyone new to cyclocross all the way to advanced riders.

Categories will include a half-lap race for kids 12 and under, a full-lap race for older kids, and three options ranging from 15-45 minutes of racing for both male and female adults.

Organizers hope the shorter courses are more attractive and exciting for both riders and spectators. All levels of riders and all types of bikes are welcome, including mountain bikes, gravel bikes, cyclocross bikes and even hybrid bikes.

Cyclocross courses usually include a mix of paved and off-road surfaces on both flat and rolling terrain. The courses typically feature obstacles that force riders to dismount and run while carrying or pushing their bikes.

With courses being so spectator friendly, riders get support from the sidelines from family, friends, fellow riders, and fans. The environment of the sport in general is mostly laid back, supportive, and fun.

From the ALL Cross website:

Cyclocross is a perfect intro into cycling for riders because it provides a fun, safe, and positive environment that allows them to thrive at whatever level they are at. The sport also allows riders to develop further skills that can help in other cycling disciplines if they want to branch out.


What: Fayetteville ALL Cross
When: Saturday, Nov. 13
Where: Centennial Park
Info: Schedule and registration
After party: Puritan Coffee & Beer

What: Springdale ALL Cross
When: Saturday, Nov. 20
Where: Runway Bike Park
Info: Schedule and registration
After party: Bike Rack Brewing

What: Rogers ALL Cross
When: Saturday, Dec. 4
Where: Railyard Park
Info: Schedule and registration
After party: Onyx Coffee

What: Bentonville ALL Cross
When: Saturday, Jan. 8
Where: Ironhead
Info: Schedule and registration
After party: Bike Rack Brewing