Chi’s Baohouse plans Fayetteville dim sum location

Dim sum / Photo: Paul Joseph, C.C. 2.0

Dim sum is coming to Fayetteville.

Not anytime soon, though, so don’t get too hungry for it just yet.

A longtime Little Rock restaurant group plans to bring their new concept called Chi’s Baohouse to Fayetteville sometime in the next couple of years, managing member Jacob Chi told us this week.

The new fast-casual concept, created by the folks behind Chi’s Asian Cafe, Chi’s Chinese Cuisine, Lulu’s, Sushi Cafe, and other restaurants in Little Rock, will serve all-day dim sum, Taiwanese baos, noodle soups, and boba teas.

The family behind Chi Restaurant Group has been operating restaurants in Little Rock for more than 30 years.

Jacob Chi told us the group will open their first Chi’s Baohouse restaurant in Little Rock next year, and will begin working on a Rogers location later that year, followed by Fayetteville. The group is still looking for a location for the Fayetteville restaurant.

“Being a new brand we are still researching who our core customer is so we’d like to place a location in Fayetteville around that demographic,” he said. “I would say 2023 or 2024 would be a good estimate for our arrival in Fayetteville.”

We’ll keep you posted as we learn more.