UPDATED: Proposal for new sidewalks headed to City Council for approval

The city plans to build a sidewalk on the west side of Happy Hollow Road between Acacia Crossing and 4th Street in 2022.

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UPDATE 2/15/22: The City Council approved this proposal at the Feb. 15, 2022 meeting.

City Council members will soon consider a list of proposed new sidewalks in Fayetteville.

The council’s Transportation Committee this week recommended approval of a sidewalk construction plan that includes 11 projects in various neighborhoods across town.

The work is split between new construction and replacement or rehabilitation of existing sidewalks.

In all, crews will complete just over 8,070 feet worth of sidewalk with an estimated cost of $1.45 million. That’s about three times the amount of money that’s usually budgeted for sidewalk construction each year. The council approved $471,000 worth of sidewalk projects last year.

The largest project in the city is in Ward 2 and calls for replacement of the sidewalk on the west side of Leverett Avenue from Sycamore Street to Hazel Street. The area is 1,600 feet long and the estimated cost is $440,907.

Another large project in Ward 2 is to build 1,370 feet worth sidewalk to fill in the gaps on the west side of Lewis Avenue from Deane Street to Wedington Drive. That work is expected to cost $187,170 to complete.

The work on Happy Hollow will connect an existing sidewalk near Acacia Crossing to another sidewalk just south of 4th Street.

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In Ward 1, the city will build a new, 950-foot sidewalk on the west side of Happy Hollow Road from Acacia Crossing to 4th Street, and a 380-foot sidewalk on the west side of Hollywood Avenue from Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard to Parnell Drive. Together, those projects should cost about $278,000.

The largest project in Ward 3 is a 650-foot sidewalk on the west side of Old Missouri Road from Frazier Terrace to Stearns Street, and has an estimated cost of $127,000.

On the west side of town, the proposal calls for a 500-foot connection on the west side of Salem Road between Clearwood Drive and Mount Comfort Road, along with 120 feet worth of sidewalk on both sides of Vanike Drive at Deane Solomon Road. The work in Ward 4 is expected to cost about $106,000.

See below for the list of recommended projects (or view the full PDF):

2022 Proposed Sidewalk Projects

Ward 1 From To Side Length
Happy Hollow Road Acacia 4th west 950 ft.
Hollywood Avenue MLK Jr. Parnell west 380 ft.
Ward 2 From To Side Length
Dickson Street Arkansas College both 250 ft.
Leverett Avenue* Sycamore Hazel west 1,600 ft.
Lewis Avenue Deane Wedington west 1,370 ft.
Mountain Street West School south 300 ft.
Spring Street West Church both 350 ft.
Ward 3 From To Side Length
College Avenue Sunbridge Sunbridge east 100 ft.
Old Missouri Road Frazier Stearns west 650 ft.
Ward 4 From To Side Length
Salem Road Clearwood Mount Comfort west 500 ft.
Vanike Drive Deane Solomon Deane Solomon both 120 ft.
Other Description Length
Citywide Various ramps, maintenance and repairs 1,500 ft.

* Outside contractor work