Lower speed limits now in place on UA campus

Dickson Street, UA campus / Flyer staff photo

FAYETTEVILLE — The University of Arkansas has lowered the speed limit on most campus streets from 25 mph to 20 mph.

The change follows an October decision by the Fayetteville City Council to allow lower posted speed limits on most residential streets.

Recommendations from organizations like the League of American Bicyclists and People for Bikes all advise lowering speed limits to no higher than 20 mph on minor residential streets. The city’s own Mobility Plan suggests speed limits be set between 15-20 mph in residential areas.

Dane Eifling, the city’s mobility coordinator, said last year the university wanted to lower speed limits on campus in part because of a resolution from the Associated Student Government that followed two fatal pedestrian crashes involving university affiliates.

“Students deserve a safe and walkable campus,” said Coleman Warren, UA student body president. “Slower speed limits and increased enforcement will certainly save lives for both pedestrians and motorists. We must be respectful to fellow pedestrians and motorists on our roadways. I’m excited to see how this change will affect the future of commuting at our university and am grateful for everyone who helped make this a reality.”

Eifling said in September the university was awaiting a change from the city before installing any new signs. Fayetteville’s new ordinance went into effect in November.

A university news release on Tuesday stated that some signs are already up, and more will be installed in the coming weeks.