Fayetteville plans to replace seven trees on downtown square

Flyer staff photo

FAYETTEVILLE — The city parks department’s Urban Forestry Division will remove seven diseased and dying trees in and around the downtown square over the next few weeks.

Two significant trees slated for removal include a large crepe myrtle that was severely damaged from a late freeze last spring and a large maple tree that has major damage on its upper limbs and has outgrown its space.

The five other trees are smaller and have severe damage that will cause them to eventually die, according to John Scott, the city’s urban forester.

Scott said the trees will be replaced with other more appropriate native species that should work better with the overall design of the square gardens.

Since tree wells offer limited space for roots and access to nutrients, Scott said they can sometimes be difficult spaces for growing trees. The new trees will be placed in tree wells that have the latest growth medium for improved tree health and longer life expectancy, he said.