AD: Locushion! Locushion! Locushion! This comfy chair and workspace with a view is the latest offering from Flyer Homes

Photo courtesy of Flyer Homes

This recently vacated workspace is prime real estate for the busy Realtor® who is looking for an upgrade to their current space. Gorgeous views, lamp, built-ins, Low-E window, and bright white painted walls come together to make a space you’d be proud to call home from 8-5 and sometimes on weekends if it can’t be avoided.

Real estate agents of the world, feast your eyes on Work Area No. 4!

There’s no better way to brighten your day than window. And you’d better believe this space has window. Enjoy the view of lush vegetation along breathtaking Spout Spring Branch just outside as you kick back in the premium 30% leather/65% Polyurethane adjustable office chair that conveys with this space. So plush.

Yes, the locushion is great, but the location couldn’t be better. Easy walking distance to the printer, kitchen and coffee station and close enough to the restroom to be convenient but not, well, you know. Plus the conference room is a short 3-second bike ride away. And you get to sit next to Sylvia. She’s a nice lady and always makes treats for us at Christmas.

Other features include custom built-in hardwood desk and bookshelf and 4-foot pony walls that allow for both privacy when negotiating a deal or just socializing with the neighbors, like Sylvia.

One of the nicest amenities of this space is the four-outlet receptacle. That’s right, FOUR!, all for you. Perfect for plugging in things that require electrical current to function as intended, these three-prong, grounded outlets boast a bright white cover plate secured neatly by two flathead screws, both turned so the grooves run in the same direction. I really can’t say enough about these receptacles and their ability to supply the expected amount of voltage needed to power standard office equipment. They are a must-see!!

Now you are saying “You had me at ‘four-outlet receptacle,’” but really it’s the extra touches that make this space really shine. Like the matching business card holder, file rack, pen holder and waste basket set that conveys. In fact the space also comes with all of the business cards, name riders and yard signs you’ll ever need!


Community amenities include a conference/multimedia room with white board and mini-fridge stocked with craft beer and commercially popular soda beverages, ample parking, and endless purified water available through your classic water cooler.

All of this, and you’d get to work with our amazing team and one of the premiere* brokers in all of Northwest Arkansas, our Principal Broker Jay Downing.

I guess what we’re trying to say is, Flyer Homes is looking to add an agent to our growing team of bad mammer jammer real estate professionals, and maybe you’d like to sit in this seat and look out this window and imagine all the real estate transactions you could be doing if only you were part of the Flyer Homes family?

Maybe call Jay at 479-601-5453 to see this space and try out the four-outlet receptacle for yourself, and maybe while you’re here we can have a little chat about what the future could hold for you if you decided to work here?

*”Premiere” can mean a lot of things.

This cushion is soft enough that it won’t hurt your butt, but not so soft that you’ll never want to leave work. Because balance is important.

Imagine how may pens, pencils, and pairs of scissors you could put in this pen holder. Dozens? Thousands? Maybe millions. Plus, have you ever seen a more stylish business card holder?

This four-outlet receptacle could be all yours. Plug in your phone, laptop, monitor, and one other thing! At least!


This little desk lamp is silver, a little dusty, and probably works.


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