SoNA season finale set for April 30 at Walton Arts Center

Courtesy, SoNA

SoNA will close their 2021-22 season with a bang this month.

The orchestra will perform Majestic Mahler, featuring Gustav Mahler’s Symphony No. 6, as their season finale at Walton Arts Center on Saturday, April 30.

“I thought long and hard about how to close out the season, and I wanted it to be something intensely emotional and meaningful,” said SoNA Music Director Paul Haas. “Mahler’s 6th Symphony ended up being the perfect piece.”

Haas said that the dynamics in Mahler’s piece in some ways symbolized the roller coaster we’ve all been on the last few years.

“In some ways, this season has been a celebration of human resilience, and in other ways it has honored the extraordinary sacrifices and dark times we all went through during the pandemic,” Haas said. “And what better way to do all of that simultaneously than through the indescribably huge and powerful sound world of Mahler’s ‘Tragic’ Symphony. This is a perfect way for all of us to come together as a single body, to celebrate who we are and what we’ve been through.”

The performance is set to begin at 7:30 p.m. Following the show, SoNA plans to announce their lineup for the 2022-23 season, officials said, including an expansion of their “SoNA Beyond” series of performances intended to reach audiences in new and innovative ways.

Tickets to the show range from $35-$57, and are on sale now at