Mural work begins, FHS Bulldog painting to be restored

Austin Floyd / Photo: City of Fayetteville

FAYETTEVILLE — Mural work along Archibald Yell Boulevard will include restoration of the aging Fayetteville High School Bulldog painting.

Artists Austin Floyd and Jeremy Navarrette this week began painting two new murals on the north and south ends of the wall that runs along the west side of Archibald Yell from Rock Street to South Block Avenue.

The Fayetteville Arts Council selected the two artists after reviewing conceptual designs following a December call for submissions.

Floyd, of Fayetteville, was chosen to paint the 108-square-foot mural on the north end of the wall at the intersection of Rock next to the painting of the high school’s bulldog. Navarrette, of Springdale, was chosen to produce a larger mural on the south end of the wall, which covers 408 square feet across the first three sections of the concrete wall.

Two new murals will soon be painted on the retaining wall along Archibald Yell Boulevard near downtown Fayetteville.

Photo: Todd Gill, Fayetteville Flyer

The murals are part of a larger set of planned improvements to Archibald Yell that were included in the bond issue approved by Fayetteville voters in 2019.

The theme for the murals is “Experience the Adventure of Fayetteville!”

Floyd’s design shows a group of animals that are native to the region riding along the sidewalk on roller skates, a bicycle, a wagon, a scooter and a skateboard.

Floyd will also replace the bulldog painting, according to a social media post from the School District.

Artist Austin Floyd’s design will be painted next to the Fayetteville High School bulldog on the north end of the retaining wall.

Courtesy image

“Don’t worry! The bulldog is coming back,” according to the post. “Artist Austin Floyd is at work this week on replacing our bulldog on the corner of College and Rock St. Go Dogs!”

Navarrette’s mural shows several images, including flowers, a sunset, fireflies, a couple walking a dog, a biplane, a mountain biker and a cardinal.

Artist Jeremy Navarrette’s mural will be painted on the south end of the wall.

Courtesy image