Early voting begins for primary runoff elections, county to choose judge candidate

Patrick Deakins (left) and Mark Scalise (right) / Courtesy photos

FAYETTEVILLE — Early voting began Tuesday in Arkansas for the June 21 primary runoff election.

Voters in Washington County will decide which of the two Republican Party candidates for county judge will win the nomination – Patrick Deakins or Mark Scalise.

Deakins and Scalise each failed to reach the threshold of either 50% of votes or winning by 20% of votes needed to avoid the runoff in a four-person race during the May 24 primary election. Sharon Lloyd and Tom Terminella were the other two candidates.

Scalise was first with 32% of the votes and Deakins finished second with 23%. Lloyd was third with 21%, and Terminella was finished fourth with 19%.

The winner of the runoff will face Josh Moody, who secured the Democratic nomination for the judge position with 69% of the vote.

There are no statewide or congressional races on the ballot.

Those who voted a Republican or nonpartisan ballot on May 24 are eligible to vote in the Republican Party runoff. Anyone who did not vote on May 24 may still cast a vote in the runoff.

Those who voted a Democratic ballot are not eligible to vote in the Republican Party runoff.

Early voting is available at the Washington County Courthouse weekdays from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. through June 20.

Election Day voting center locations are available at WashingtonCountyAR.gov.