Plans unveiled for improvements to I-49 and MLK in Fayetteville

Proposed MLK/I-49 project plans (ArDOT)

The Arkansas Department of Transportation has unveiled plans for proposed improvements to the Interstate 49 interchange at Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard in Fayetteville.

The work would begin on MLK near Old Farmington Road and end just east of the I-49 overpass.

The plans show a widening of MLK to six lanes with a raised median and sidewalks on both sides of the road. Improvements would also be made at the One Mile Road intersection and a new traffic signal would be constructed at the South Oak Road intersection. (see full MLK design)

The interchange itself would be reconfigured into a frontage road diamond interchange with improvements to capacity and major modifications to the ramps.

I-49 would also be widened to six travel lanes from the U.S. 71/Arkansas 265 interchange to north of the MLK interchange.

15th Street overpass section (ArDOT)

Finally, a new overpass would be added south of the interchange at 15th Street, along with an underpass for Town Branch Trail. The bridge over 15th Street would include two travel lanes, with a sidewalk on one side and a protected bike path on the other side. (see full I-49 design)

City engineering staff requested the 15th Street overpass be added to the project to provide better access to adjacent properties and to create a connection from 15th Street to I-49. The Highway Department agreed to the idea, but the project will cost the city an estimated $1.4 million.

15th Street overpass section (ArDOT)

The Highway Department will accept comments on the project until 4:30 p.m. Wednesday, June 29.

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Work on the project is scheduled to begin late this year. Visit the state’s project site for more information.

Interstate 49 section (ArDOT)