Crystal Bridges to unveil interactive ‘Listening Forest’ exhibit in August

Pulse Forest, simulation by Antimodular Studio

A new interactive outdoor lighted exhibit will soon be on display at Crystal Bridges Museum of America Art.

The exhibit, called “Listening Forest,” was created by artist Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, and features eight forest light installations activated by visitors.

The display combines light, sound, nature, and electronic music by artist Scanner (Robin Rimbaud).

From the description of the exhibit at their website:

Listening Forest, created by artist Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, uses light, sound, and technology to create an interactive walk through the woods. This site-specific exhibition brings together eight immersive installations, each one activated by you. Your body, your voice, and even your memories contribute to the experience. State-of-the-art technology combines with light, sound, nature, a customized soundtrack by electronic musician Scanner (Robin Rimbaud), and Lozano-Hemmer’s artistic mind to highlight each individual’s unique characteristics and to forge connections between strangers.

Add your heartbeat to an array of 3,000 lightbulbs simultaneously blinking the rhythm of peoples’ pulses. Control giant, 20-foot-tall stick figures made of light. Leave a voice recording that will join a chorus of voices left by previous forest visitors, and much more. Share stories, create community, and reflect on what unites us.

The new exhibit will open Aug. 23, and will run through Jan. 1, 2023.

Tickets range from $20-$25 for adults and $7-$15 for children. For a bit more information, visit

Listening Forest – Rendering