Walmart to open mini-retail stores for guests at tiny cabin retreats

“The General Store by Walmart” concept shops will soon open at select Getaway retreats across the country. (Courtesy/Walmart)

Walmart plans to open miniature retail stores to serve guests staying at select Getaway cabin retreats, the two companies announced Thursday.

Getaway operates groups of tiny cabins, which can each be rented by the night.

The cabins are typically located within a two-hour drive of major cities, and include fully-equipped kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms. While the cabins feature modern comforts like air conditioning and heat, they do not include wifi in an effort to help guests unplug and de-stress.

The mini-Walmart stores will include seasonal items like hiking gear and campfire equipment, but will also stock everyday items to keep guests from having to travel to a store if they forgot something at home. Items on sale at the stores will also be available through a Getaway shopping page on Walmart’s website.

“At Getaway, our mission is to help people disconnect and spend time in nature,” said Carlos Becil, CEO of Getaway. “In partnering with Walmart, we are able to amplify our efforts to a larger audience and provide our guests with more free time, helping them prepare for their stays and enjoy the comforts of nature once they arrive.”


The first “General Store by Walmart” concept shop will open in August at Getaway Hill Country in Texas, near Austin and San Antonio.

Additional stores are scheduled to open through the end of the year in California, Connecticut, New York and Missouri.

Getaway said a continued high occupancy rate has led to plans which will expand its retreats to 28 total locations with over 1,000 cabins and several new campsite concepts by the end of the year.