New installation from artist Camille Walala unveiled at XNA

Artwork by Camille Walala covers two service buildings at Northwest Arkansas National Airport. (OZ Art NWA)

Northwest Arkansas National Airport (XNA) on Monday unveiled a new installation by French multi-disciplinary artist Camille Walala.

The project, titled “Ice and a Slice,” covers the exterior of two service buildings on Regional Avenue, just north of the airport terminal building.

Officials said the name is taken from a line that British air hostesses would repeat to travelers on board when offering them a drink, “Would you like ice and a slice of lemon in your drink?”

The works are also reflected inside the airport terminal in a lounge space designed by Walala. It includes furniture that mirrors the color scheme and patterns of the exterior work.

The installation is produced by OZ Art NWA and curated by Justkids in partnership with the airport.

(OZ Art NWA)
(OZ Art NWA)
(OZ Art NWA)