City seeks public input on amenities for new Underwood Park

Underwood Park / Photo: Craig Underwood

City officials would like help from residents when deciding what amenities and programming should be included at the new Underwood Park in west Fayetteville.

A public input session is scheduled from 10 a.m. until noon Saturday, Sept. 24 in the former pro shop building on site at the park, located at 2514 W. Lori Drive off Dean Soloman Road.

Landscape architects from Ecological Design Group, along with members of the city’s parks, natural resources, and cultural affairs department will be on hand to listen, answer questions, and host sessions designed to gather ideas from the public on what they’d like to see at the new park.

“This is a meeting to dream big before the realities of site and budgets are considered,” said Ted Jack, the city’s park planning superintendent. “Together, let us imagine tomorrow’s parks.”

Underwood Park is located on the site of the former Razorback Golf Course property on land donated to the city by locals Craig and Laura Underwood.

The park includes 38 acres donated by the Underwood family, and another 20 acres that are available through a lease agreement that provides for public use at no cost. Additional land to the south will be dedicated in order to meet the city’s park land dedication requirement. Once complete, the park will include just over 65 acres.

For those that can’t be in attendance, an online survey seeking input is also available on the city’s website.

For more information about the project, including including data gathered through the planning process and a timeline, visit