New exhibit ‘In the Making: Ideas Come to Life’ now open at Amazeum

Part of ‘In The Making: Ideas Come to Life, a new exhibit now open at the Scott Family Amazeum / Courtesy

The ‘messy middle’ isn’t a term you hear often, much less hear celebrated. But that’s exactly what the latest exhibition from the Scott Family Amazeum does. In the Making: Ideas Come to Life, now open to the public through May 2023, showcases creative people, products, and that ‘messy middle’ design process. “What’s often missing from the story of how things are made are the many steps involved in the messy middle part of projects- where you test, revise, and sometimes move backward to move forward”, reflected Sam Dean, the Amazeum’s Executive Director. 

Designers, scientists, engineers, technologists, artists, and all creative fields have these periods of intense experimentation and trial and error, of iterations and versions. Senior Exhibition Manager Simon Mused reflected, “this exhibition pulls the curtain back and shows some of that process by bringing our own new exhibit ideas out for testing”. One exhibit has a literal window into the mechanics of the display, allowing visitors to see how the exhibit works in real time. ‘Magic Mirror’, by Maker in Residence Tyler Altenhofen, applies mirrors, monitors, a track system, and led lights to manipulate reflection and create an altered scene. The exhibit uses the Pepper’s Ghost effect to create a wonderful illusion, all the while allowing others to see the true inner workings. The exhibition will also feature works in progress, so visitors can see the entire design process. It highlights the creative processes involved in turning inspiration into real objects, along with many of the messy steps, experiments, mistakes, and lessons learned along the way.

In the Making will complement the Amazeum’s 50,000-square feet of exhibit and learning space that bring learning to life and enhance family involvement, while evoking a sense of curiosity and discovery through hands-on activities. Learn more and reserve your tickets at

Part of ‘In The Making: Ideas Come to Life, a new exhibit now open at the Scott Family Amazeum / Courtesy

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