VOTE 2022: Fayetteville candidates disclose campaign finances


The pre-election fundraising reports are in, and it’s time to see how much money candidates have raised so far for their campaigns in Fayetteville.

Arkansas law requires any opposed municipal candidate who received or spent more than $500 to file official reports with the County Clerk’s office a week before the election. As part of the requirements, each candidate must list all contributions of $50 or more and all expenditures over $100. A final report is due 30 days after the end of the month in which the candidate’s name appears on the ballot, which is Dec. 30.

Councilmember Mark Kinion is seeking a fourth term in Ward 2. Challenging Kinion this year is Sarah Moore, executive director of the Arkansas Justice Reform Coalition.

Councilmember Sloan Scroggin is seeking a second term in Ward 3. Challenging Scroggin this year is Scott Berna, owner of Nelson-Berna Funeral Home.

Councilmember Sonia Harvey is running unopposed in Ward 1, and Councilmember Teresa Turk is running unopposed in Ward 4.

Early voting for the Nov. 7 election ends Monday.

Ward 2 candidates

Both candidates in Ward 2 filed reports totaling over $15,000 in donations.

Councilmember Mark Kinion raised a little more than his opponent, gathering $7,900 in contributions with 12 donors giving at least $50.

Kinion’s largest contributors were the Little Rock-based Arkansas Realtors Political Action Committee (ARPAC) and ARPAC 2, each with $2,500. He received $500 each from Ward 3 candidate Scott Berna, Jeff Koenig and Todd Marco, all from Fayetteville, and Linette Garber of Germantown, MD. The reminder of Kinion’s donations were for $250 or less.

Kinion did not report any loans to his campaign. He has so far spent $6,576 of his money on advertising, signs, flyers and a website.

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Sarah Moore raised $7,725 and reported donations of $50 or more from 24 people or groups.

Moore’s largest contributors were Linda West ($1,000), AB Merritt ($850), former Fayetteville City Council Member Matthew Petty ($750) and Frank Mayfield ($600), all of Fayetteville. Little Rock-based Progressive Arkansas Women gave Moore $400, and Beth Coger of Fayetteville and Jon Comstock of Rogers each gave $350. The remainder of Moore’s donations were $250 or less.

Moore loaned her campaign $96. She has so far spent $7,632 of her funds on handouts, signs, direct mail, photography, t-shirts, buttons and stickers.

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Ward 3 candidates

The two candidates in Ward 3 filed reports totaling nearly $36,000 in donations, with 88% of that coming from one candidate.

Scott Berna raised $31,679 with 55 donors giving at least $50.

Berna’s largest contributors were the Rausch Coleman AR PAC ($2,900), Jim Lindsey ($2,800) and Larry Bittle ($2,500), all of Fayetteville. The Little Rock-based Arkansas Realtors Political Action Committee (ARPAC) and ARPAC 2 each contributed $2,500 to Berna’s campaign.

Other major donations to Berna included $2,000 from Sharon Sweetser and $1,000 each from Jeff Koenig, Carl Collier, Mel Collier, William Sweetser and Jim Stockland, all of Fayetteville. Berna listed 11 donations of $500, while the remainder of his contributions were $250 or less.

Berna loaned his campaign $5,000. He has so far spent $14,965 on advertising, social media management, signs, door hangers, stickers, car magnets, logo design, food for volunteers, a QR code and a website.

Berna also listed a $1,000 payment to the Fayetteville High School boys basketball team for distribution of literature. The School District last week launched an investigation into the team’s involvement at one of Berna’s door-hanging events.

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Councilmember Sloan Scroggin gathered $4,215 in contributions, with 17 donors listed as giving at least $50.

Scroggin’s largest donor was Kris Paxton of Fayetteville with $1,000. Former Councilmember Petty contributed $750 and Brandon Crisel of Elkins gave $500. The remainder of Scroggin’s donations were $250 or less.

Scroggin did not report any loans to his campaign. He has so far spent $4,154 on signs, door hangers, mailers, food for a volunteer event and a website.

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2022 Pre-election Campaign Report

Ward 2 CandidatesContributionsLoansExpenditures
Mark Kinion$7,900$0$6,576
Sarah Moore$7,725$96$7,632
Ward 3 CandidatesContributionsLoansExpenditures
Scott Berna$31,679$5,000$14,965
Sloan Scroggin$4,215$0$4,154

Source: Washington County Clerk’s Office