Bonnie Montgomery Band to play Maxine’s Dec. 21

Bonnie Montgomery (Courtesy)

Remember during Fayetteville Roots Festival last year when Arkansas-based country artist Bonnie Montgomery, who also happens to be a classically trained opera singer, played at Maxine’s Tap Room and blew everyone away with her talent, charisma and charm?

That’s happening again soon.

The country artist is set to perform at the venue at 7:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Dec. 21, officials announced today.

Montgomery, who country artist Dale Watson called “a sophisticated bad-ass who was born to sing” and who Pop Matters described as “stunningly authentic, honest-to-goodness songwriting reminiscent of the old country greats” will be joined that evening by DJ Dream Baby Dream, who will play a vinyl set of vintage country to set the mood for the show.

The artist has received accolades for her 2016 short-length opera about Bill Clinton’s youth in Hot Springs, and her albums have also drawn praise nationally for their “timeless songwriting.”

There’s no cover. For a bit more about Montgomery, visit her website.