Wilson Park social hub project to begin this week

(Courtesy/City of Fayetteville)

A project to create a new social hub at the center of Wilson Park is set to officially kick off this week.

The work is part of a plan that was announced in 2021, which includes several improvements at the park in the coming years. Aside from the new hub, park planners have envisioned a series of changes that could eventually lead to more interaction with the stream that runs through the park by way of a new promenade and some new creek crossings.

The new hub will include restrooms, picnic tables, a community information board, a changeable mural, and space for things like summer camps and other programming, officials said.

Ted Jack, the city’s park planning superintendent, in 2021 said that when the idea arose to update the aging restroom building, his team instead decided to capitalize on the centralized location of the building and add more amenities for park users.

“The idea is to replace the restrooms, but also to make more of a building that has a lot of different functions like providing a place for people to meet, or to sit and watch tennis or volleyball,” said Jack. “It will create kind of a social hub right there in the center of the park.”

Existing restroom and drain / Photo: Todd Gill, Fayetteville Flyer

Portable restrooms will be installed and available during construction.

After demolition of the restroom building is complete, slabs for the new building will be poured in March, with the new building set to begin construction by July. If all goes well, the new social hub structure will be complete sometime in October.

The project is paid for in part by the Park Improvement Bond approved by Fayetteville voters in 2019.

For a bit more info, visit the city’s website.