Another AMI day for Fayetteville Public Schools Thursday

With roads still mostly ice covered around town, Fayetteville Public Schools will once again be closed for in-person classes, and will focus on online instruction for Thursday, Feb. 2.

School officials made the announcement this afternoon.

“Due to road conditions, Fayetteville Public Schools will continue with online learning on Thursday, February 2,” the announcement read .”Thursday will be considered an Alternative Method of Instruction (AMI) day.”

It is the fourth straight day of online learning for students after freezing precipitation began on Sunday night, and continue through much of Tuesday. More freezing precipitation may be on the way for this evening.

A list of other closures we know of around the region for Thursday, Feb. 2 is below.

Area School Closures – Thursday, Feb. 2

Fayetteville Public Schools (AMI Day)
Haas Hall Academy (AMI Day)
Rogers Public Schools (AMI Day)
Springdale Public Schools (AMI Day)
Bentonville Public Schools (AMI Day)
Farmington Public Schools (AMI Day)
Prairie Grove Public Schools (AMI Day)
Greenland Public Schools (AMI Day)
Decatur Public Schools (AMI Day)
Fayetteville Creative School (Closed)
Lincoln School District (AMI Day)